Over The Top (OTT) streaming services have become a mainstay for a majority of American households.  Over 74% of households (Leichtman Research Group, 2019) now have an OTT subscription (over 200 Million consumers).  40 Million (Forbes, 2019) US households have now “cut the cord”.  Cord-cutter households are an enormous, quickly increasing and important audience segment.  OTT marketing puts advertisers in front of this vital customer base.

How can a client benefit from OTT?

Cord cutters are increasing rapidly and this is a great way to reach this consumer sector that is exclusive of broadcast TV or cable viewing.

How does OTT integrate with radio?

Radio’s listenership is highest while people are driving and away from home. OTT reaches customers at home.  Radio’s mass audio reach coupled with OTT’s targeted video are a terrific strategy as part of an effective media mix.