With the massive explosion of smartphones over the past 20 years, all the new technology and tools has also led to a lot more data.  People are connected in more ways than ever and is not going to change anytime in the foreseeable future.  All of this data leads to a lot of innovation, especially from a marketing perspective.  The insights into how and where people are looking for information makes Geofencing a solid tool to optimize ad spend.

How can a client benefit from geofencing?

Targeting shoppers in a store or even visiting a competitors store seemed like an impossibility in the past. Now with technology and fencing capabilities down to zip codes, streets, and even individual buildings makes this new form of advertising a big win for advertisers!

How can geofencing integrate with radio ads?

Getting more data on how a radio campaign performed (or any ad campaign for that matter) is always beneficial to the end advertiser. But, often times a campaign will not be able to pinpoint who reacted to an ad or how they did so. With an integration of geofencing, those reactions can be tracked and retargeted down to very specific areas for optimal ad performance.  Together they will make a big impact in advertising success rates.