Reputation Management

Reviews and local businesses: how did it become so huge? Over the past 15 years the landscape of how people shop and act as consumers has changed drastically. Getting restaurant recommendations from colleagues or neighbors, visiting the local hardware store for advice on lawnmowers, or calling the local flower shop for bouquet arrangement ideas are all nearly nonexistent.

From restaurants to refrigerators, there are reviews for everything you buy. And people trust those online reviews just as much now as they do a friend or neighbor. A near 5 star overall rating is another way to add a huge competitive advantage and increase revenue share consistently.

Who does this effect?

The short answer….all businesses. Obviously some are much more impacted by local reviews, like restaurants vs a company specializes in B2B sales. But, with the rise of connected consumers doing research online, the importance of a great online reputation is very valuable.

Why should a local business spend money on reputation management?

With the importance of reviews growing, reputation managements’ huge benefits far outweigh the small cost. With Google using reviews as their #1 factor in local rankings, having a large number of quality reviews can boost a company’s traffic considerably.

How does reputation management integrate with radio?