Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has grown into a $135B per year industry for Google. With over 90% of the total 63k searches per second those are some staggering numbers.

Grabbing a piece of that quick traffic can be had very quickly with keywords and targeting that pertain to a local business. Add to that the broad exposure of digital display ads, retargeting (ads shown to previous website visitors or customers), Youtube video ads, Geofencing (highly targeted ads down to individual homes/businesses), and more can make SEM a large part of growth in a marketing strategy.

How effective can it be for local?

82% of smartphone users are actively searching near me, a huge increase from previous years. With the reliance now on instant information along with relevant local businesses, SEM has become a regular part of any smartphone users daily habits. Being ranked on those local searches can grow clicks, calls, and customers quickly!

 How does Radio and SEM work together?

Radio (audio) is a powerful tool to create emotional ties to a customer’s brand. Great radio creative, along with high frequency campaigns make a client’s spots memorable. This top-of-mind awareness is critical for SEM effectiveness. A customer search for Smith Ford, as opposed to Ford Dealers Franklin County yields a much more effective result for Smith Ford. Radio can drive these results.

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