You’ve heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and that companies SHOULD be doing it, but why? It takes time to build any traffic and rankings so what is the point? The benefits of long term planning and utilization of SEO for small local businesses can really be the difference between continual growth and success, or a company that fades away….

There are 5.6 Billion searches per day with the average person conducting 3-4 per day ( – 2019). Having those top keyword spots on Google for main business functions can add thousands or millions to a companys’ bottom line.

How can SEO compliment radio?

Radio is an essential part of the customer journey; creating top-of-mind awareness through the power of audio.  Radio’s branding power drive results when customers enter search terms.  A very effective combination.

Where would clients most benefit?

Effective advertising strategy must take the customer through the steps of product Awareness to Interest to Desire to Action.  SEO is critical to The Action step, providing needed information to customers leading them to purchase.

How long until clients see results?

The short answer…it depends. Competition, previous SEO efforts, market conditions all will contribute into how fast rankings will rise. But, it is not as long as you may think. And with a solid long term marketing strategy in place SEO can make a huge impact over time. A big reason why SEO should not be disregarded in any marketing strategy!