Social Media Marketing (SMM) has grown from a small past-time for younger demographics to an essential part of nearly every consumer demographic’s “media day”.

With over 244 million users on Facebook in the US and Canada, spending 20 minutes daily on the platform, advertising for many businesses has become a necessity. And with the largest demographic joining Facebook currently is 55+, there is a large audience of consumer buying power on the platform.

How can a client benefit from SMM?

From branding and representing a business in the community, to generating leads on a regular basis, social media has become a large driving force of ad spend. Businesses not focusing on this aspect of marketing on a local basis are missing out on an opportunity for growth.

How does SMM integrate with radio?

One of Radio’s greatest strengths is its ability to reach customers closest to time of purchase decision. Social Media is often the last thing customers view before they get in their car, and the last thing they check upon arrival to their destination. Radio is their medium of choice while driving… Radio and SMM work hand in hand in the customer journey!